Raymond Dijkstra ~ De Reet

Translation: The Ass 3 Inch record in linen hardcover box with shredded text-paper collage.The box is opened by sliding out a cardboard innercover attached to a wooden spine.The spine is attached to the innercover by a piece of linen, with the text “DE REET” handwritten on the side of the spine. Inside the innercover a 3 inch record. The innercover is handnumbered 1 to 10.Size of the box: 9 – 9 – 0,7 cm. Size of records: 7,2 cm. Total weight: 150 grams.The collage is made with shred’s from a 19th century german-spanish dictionary and a 19th century handwritten french manuscript both found on flee markets. Handdrawing with golden marker.Vinyl-record weight: 160 grams. Black vinyl. Handwritten and drawn recordlabels. 45 Rpm. Each record is individually cut (not pressed) by hand. This means that every record is an original. Excellent quality of vinyl. Limited edition of 10. Concept, design Raymond Dijkstra. Collage and box are handmade by RD. This is the second 3 inch title out of a series of 10. (Le Souffleur 2008)