My work is in its core romantic. Because it embraces the past and wishes to emphasize the grace and purity of existence. The magic of nature, the poetry of apparently dead objects, the combination of elements that give me personal strength and that together take on a different meaning - influence each other's meaning through the changed context in which they are placed - this is also the core of a collage. This transformation aspect symbolizes the transformation that takes place in nature and which takes place in inner nature. Transformation is the constant force in life that I embrace through my work. This gives it a greater meaning than just autobiographical work, but touches on fundamental foundations in life that are recognizable to everyone. Yet it is the small scale, the personal character of my work that creates the real connection.

The work below consists of furniture, frames, taxidermy and etchings, brought together in a collage, in which each element is influenced by and influences each other element of the collage. 
The small collages of etchings were made by Rayastre of which the earliest ones were made in 2014. Most works are from recent date (2022-2023). These small works are transparent collages on lightboxes. All etchings are direct transfers from original 19th century and early twentieth century books. The transfer procedure is a unique technique developed by Rayastre and involves careful washing with water and transfer to adhesive tape. There is no computer or photocopier involved in this process, but is fully done by hand. The adhesive tape is attached to x-ray medical photos. Other materials used are dried flowers and preserved insects from inheritance and personal collection. (This is page one. For page two see here) 

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