Rayastre (1968) is an Indonesian self taught artist interested in folk art and enlightenment. He has experimented extensively with entheogens like Bufo Alvarius. After a deeply transformative and mystical experience his artistic work changed profoundly. His work is a mystical process in which he gives active control away and becomes the vehicle of his subconscious.

“All my work will decay to a certain extent. The colors of the dried flowers will fade. Some yellowing of the cellotape may occur. All antique frames have minor damages due to their old age and may well deteriorate further. All will fade away into brown shades. I see this decay as part of my work- They’ll lose some current beauty, but an extra quality will be added. Especially in respect to memory, time and will deepen it psychologically.”

Recent exhibitions
The Great Sublime‘ Fox Yard Studio, UK | 22nd September – 12th October 2023
Lingering Memories‘ Fox Yard Studio, UK | 17th November – 5th December 2023
Global Horizons XI‘ Artio Gallery. Online exhibition | 22th December – 29th December 2023
Sculptural‘ Fox Yard Studio, UK | 22th December 2023 – 5th January 2024
Cadavre Illuminé‘ Solo exhibition, Fox Yard Studio, UK | 3th February 2024 – 4th February 2024

Forthcoming exhibitions
L’age d’or Event‘ L’age d’or, Barcelona | 3rd May – 5th May 2024
Interconnecting Lines‘ Artio Gallery, New York City | 10-16 July 2024
MEAM Museum for European Modern Art, Barcelona. Artio Gallery, Barcelona | 11-13 October 2024