Rayastre (1968) is an Indonesian artist working in collage and assemblage art with experience in other media like drawing, painting, sculpture and music. As a musician (working under his name Raymond Dijkstra) he has published over 130 solo music titles, many of them in limited edition and coming with handmade original art. RD is the founder of artist platform Astres d'Or which since 2017 publishes combined music and art editions (of curated artists) - music on handcut vinyl and artwork by the musicians. Since 2002 RD is the founder of Le Souffleur, a publisher and gallery for music and art. He has experimented extensively with entheogens like Bufo Alvarius which had a profound effect on his personality and artistic work. The artist works in line with Hermetism. His ideas are transformed, sublimated, the lid is only taken off when the food is ready. ‘Roasting the Salamander’, thus transforming the Prima Materia.

My work is in its core romantic. Because it embraces the past and wishes to emphasize the grace and purity of existence. The magic of nature, the poetry of apparently dead objects, the combination of elements that give me personal strength and that together take on a different meaning - influence each other's meaning through the changed context in which they are placed. This transformation aspect symbolizes the transformation that takes place in nature and which takes place in inner nature. Transformation is the constant force in life that I embrace through my work. This gives it a greater meaning than just autobiographical work, but touches on fundamental foundations in life that are recognizable to everyone. Yet it is the small scale, the personal character of my work that creates the real connection.